Gender & Child Cell NDMA held the first meeting of the National GBV Working Group aimed at Monsoon Contingency Planning regarding Gender Based Violence in Emergencies at NDMA HQ convening all humanitarian stakeholders working in the Gender Based Violence Sector. The main points that were agreed upon were:

1. Sharing of Activities June - Dec 2024 to keep NDMA in the loop and avoid duplication.
2. Sharing of number GBV cases and Referral Pathways/Mechanisms and the future possibility of  National and Provincial Pathways for proper registration and addressal of incidents.
3. Sharing of Information Education and Communication (IEC) Material with NDMA for the information of all stakeholders.
4. GBV Monsoon Contingency Planning being done by partners.
5. Standardisation of Gender Responsive Kits for Disasters.
6. The availability of Resources with NDMA for use by partners rather than reinventing the wheel.

The meeting was concluded on a note that all partners with coordinate with GCC, NDMA for a more systematic and coordinated response during disasters.