Under auspices of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), in collaboration with King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief) Pakistan, has mobilized an emergency relief convoy to support the flood victims of Gwadar. This humanitarian initiative saw the dispatch of five containers loaded with 9,000 food packages and 9,000 shelters, totaling 875 tonnes, from Islamabad to the rain-impacted areas of Gwadar.

The departure ceremony, held at the Jinnah Stadium, Sports Complex, Islamabad this morning, was graced by the presence of Honourable Chief Minister of Balochistan, Mr. Sarfraz Bugti, H.E. Nawaf bin Saeed Ahmad Al Maliky, Saudi Ambassador, along with esteemed officials from NDMA.

NDMA has diligently coordinated with Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Balochistan, ensuring seamless liaison with local authorities, facilitating inter-provincial transit, and securing the necessary clearances to guarantee unimpeded delivery of this crucial aid. Upon arrival, the consignment will be entrusted to the PDMA Balochistan and local administration, who will oversee the equitable distribution of the relief item to the communities ravaged by the rains in Gwadar.

This concerted effort underscores the commitment of NDMA’s to coordinate with both national and international partners to provide immediate assistance in times of crisis, reflecting a shared dedication to alleviate the hardships faced by those in dire need.