20 July 2019 :PMD forecasted temperature to be little above normal during the current month. The rainfall is expected to be below normal in the country. The average temperature is estimated to remain 1-2 degree Centigrade above normal, based on prevailing global atmospheric and ocean conditions.

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Pakistan’s extreme vulnerability to natural and man-made disasters is a well-known fact. NDMA has played leading role for the coordination of rescue, relief and recovery efforts with all stakeholders.
NDMA not only oversees all phases of disaster management but also constantly endeavors to create awareness about the Disaster Risk Reduction. Pakistan is also member of relevant international forums on DRR which affords us an opportunity to learn from global best practices in the realm of DRM enabling us in improving our protocols and SOPs.

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Earthquake & Moonsoon Losses / Damages of 2018

Earthquake & Moonsoon Losses / Damages of 2018

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